A Vampire Story Part 3 Essay

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Part 3The next night Hanna couldn't go to sleep. "I wonder what happened to that guy yesterday?" Hanna thought aloud.She was so frustrated. "I need to get out of here."Hanna looked into her closet and took out black jeans and a skin tight black tank top. She put on white socks, and her Converses. I think I'll go for a walk, that should clear up my mind a little bit. Hanna thought to herself.Hanna went down the stairs as fast and as quiet as she could, she didn't want to wake up her parents, or her sister. She grabbed her house keys and locked the back door after her. She took a deep breath "This is great." she looked at her watch and was surprised to see that it was 1:55 a.m.************************************************************************Chris could sense Hanna leave her house. He could sense her from miles away. He wondered where she was going, and why she was leaving her house this late at night. He would follow her and see what kinds of things she would do.************************************************************************Hanna just started walking, she didn't know where she was going, but once she stopped she realized she made a mistake. She was around the "gangster block". Hanna sighed, but she knew that if you showed any signs of weakness here people were going to hurt you bad. So she kept a serious face on and tried to stay out of every ones way.Hanna turned a corner and kept walking she noticed a few guys on her tail but she didn't dare run, she knew if she ran they would know she was scared. Hanna listened to the foot steps of the others. One, two three???? Is there 3 of them? Maybe I can out run one or two of them just maybe... Hanna thought to herself.Hanna turned another corner, but felt stupid for doing so. It was a dead end. "Damn!" Hanna said aloud."Well look what we have here boys."Hanna turned around just in time to see 3 guys 12 feet away from her. Hey look at that I was right, three guys were on my tail, that's 5 brownie points for me! Hanna thought."What do you want?" Hanna said trying to look bad."Hey Jose, Andy what do you think we want?" The blonde guy asked his two friends.The one named Jose answered, "You know Josh I don't know, what do you think we want?" the one named Jose was medium height, dark brown hair and Mexican. He was about 5'9".The blonde named Josh spoke again, "Well you see, me and my buddies here wanna have a party, but a party isn't fun with just 3 guys. We need a girl too. Don't you think so Andy?" Josh was a little taller than Jose, green eyes, he was pretty handsome. It was very dark but Hanna could see better than most people could in the dark.Andy was huge, maybe 6'6" or taller, brown hair, and brown eyes. Andy said, "A party isn't a party without a fine babe like yourself."Hanna could tell what they wanted, the threat was in the air. They wanted to rape her. Hanna took 3 steps towards them. This surprised the guys. "You know there is something wrong about this here, I'm not a slut, so...

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