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A Very Basic Synopsis Of Arthur Conan Doyle's "A Study In Scarlet".

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Would you do a good deed if you knew that it would go unrecognized, or better yet, that someone else would receive the credit for your efforts?Arthur Conan Doyle's "A Study in Scarlet" is a story is about two friends who meet and solve their first mystery together. Although they would not receive the recognition for their efforts, the two friends quickly and efficiently solved a complex murder, while learning a good deal about each other.Dr. Watson, after receiving a degree in medicine from the University of London, became an Army surgeon attached to the Fifth Northumberland Fusiliers. While serving in the second Afghan war, a bullet shattered the bone in his shoulder. A medical board removed him from his duties and determined that he should return to England.Upon relocating to London, Dr. Watson soon came to the realization that he was living beyond his means. He knew that he had to change his lifestyle and considered sharing a residence with another gentleman. One day while he was at a bar he recognized a young man named Stamford. Stamford had been a dresser under him at Barts. Dr. Watson greeted him with enthusiasm and informed him that he was looking to make a change of residence. It is at this point in the story that the reader is introduced to Sherlock Holmes.Stamford explained that his friend, Sherlock Holmes, was looking for a roommate to share expenses, and although Stamford told Dr. Watson that Mr. Holmes might not make a very good companion, Dr. Watson still delighted in meeting him.It wasn't long after they had been living together that Sherlock Holmes received news from Scotland Yard of a curious murder. Mr. Holmes invited Dr. Watson to accompany him to the scene of the murder and together the two men observed the details of the mystery. Written...

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