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Parenting plays the biggest part in a kids life. It all depends on how you treat them and what actions you do to them that will determine whether or not a kid becomes successful or ends up on the street. Parenting can be very difficult and is not an easy task. However, if you take the time to really understand your kid and become close to them, they might cooperate and feel close to you. Every parent has different parenting styles and it is completely up to the parents of how to raise their children. People who have different but yet similar parenting skills are Atticus and Uncle Jack. Uncle Jack and Atticus have similar and different parenting a style because they both teach Atticus’s children lessons and Uncle Jack is more straightforward than Atticus is.

Atticus and Uncle Jack both have a great relationship with their children. They both have a roll of parenting over Jem and Scout as well. Uncle Jack is very supportive of what Jem and Scout do, but there are some times where he has to teach Jem what the difference is between right and wrong. As Uncle Jack came over for a week at the Finch’s he noticed that Jem had been swearing an awful lot when around him. He decided it would be a good idea if he told Jem that he is not supposed to swear around him. As Atticus heard this he got up and told Uncle Jack that he is not supposed to draw any attention towards the kids swearing. He says it only makes them want to swear more. Jem and Scout appreciated whenever Uncle Jack came over because
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they say “He was one of the few men of science who never terrified me, probably because he never behaved like a doctor” (Chapter 9, to kill a mockingbird) This means that Jem and Scout are very open to Uncle Jack and have never really been afraid to tell him if there is anything wrong. When Scout cussed in front of Uncle Jack he tried to teach Scout a lesson by saying “You like words like damn and hell now, don’t you? Well I don’t,not unless there’s extreme provocation connected with ‘em. I’ll be...

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