A Very Promising Discipline: Economics At Msu

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The audience of this essay are incoming freshman students who confused about choosing their majors. This project will make them understand whether they suit it (this major) or not. And the purpose of this essay is introduce economics And I divide whole essay to 10 parts plus conclusion. The first section is background information. Then I want to talking about what is Economics and how it works for our society. Hence, the language in Econ and the Econ in MSU also are big part to describe. The next section is the way of thinking that the economics can bring to you. Then is the chaos of economics. After that, I want to talking about Promising Future of Economics and the jobs about economics major students. And the last section is my conclusion.

Background Information
I have a dream when I was a child. I want to be a president. I want to be an artist. I always imagine who can I be in the future, a pop star or a hero. But with the time goes by, I learn more and understand myself more. And my dream starts to transform. However, there is one thing I did not change. The love for the economics.
I read many books about economics in my spare time. I enjoy exploring the behaviors of individuals. So, basicly I choose economics as my major because I want to exploration truth in my life. And the purpose of this essay is tell the freshman whether they can study economics as they planed.

What is Economics
Economics is a system for the coordinating the productive activities for many people (Economics). First, I need to mention the economics is in social science college, it does not in the business college. It is totally different to finance. And every year, a lot of students did not know different and make wrong choose to choice economics as their major. And after freshman year, they felt the curriculum does not match their expectations, then most of them change major. So, if they know what economics is, they can avoid waste time on the transfer. Therefore, if you study economics at MSU, you need caution there are two different part in economics, one is bachelor of science and other is bachelor of art. And the difference between those two is BS need high level mathematical, and more harder than BA. So if you choose BS as your major, you need to study very hard. In addition, the course at here are not easy for economics.That is why we only need 2.0 GPA grade into college at junior.

History of Economics
The history of economics is not too long. But since economics become an independent subject, it become more and more important in our daily life.

What is Economics? How Does it Work For Our Society?
Economics is an academic discipline research community, and we want to understand every aspect of society. So, social practice is an essential tool for economics. We need to use our tool to solve social problem, like how to create jobs in nation or what affect if we raise the minimum wage. We collect data to make graphs, then use those data...

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