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“I love Mardi Gras! I went for spring break and went back to NOLA for fall break too. It gets so wild down there that the trees are still like woah. Like they still got some decorations n’ stuff on them,” she said as her voice filled up the room.
The three strangers sat in in an odd triangle formation, and the distance between them seemed to fit the awkwardness of the atmosphere. Across from the loud Louisianan sat the common white girl, with her Trienta White-Mocha Iced Latte and a mini scone in hand. The elderly woman, who sat next to the Louisianan, kept muttering from time to time while nodding along.
“Oh yes dear it does indeed get quite wild. I remember every year the parades would come within a couple blocks of our convent, and my oh my did our superior, Sister Margaret, get upset with the noise.”
“I know that area actually…really well. My mom went to LSU and another friend of mine, who goes here, is from West Bank, so I’ve been around those parts. Actually, my friend from West Bank went to D.C. this weekend to a Mardi Gras Convention. She was like in a competition or something. Here, look at these pics!”
She takes the phone in one hand, and keeps her rosary in the other. As she scrolls, her face loses its usual brightness. It’s replaced by a somber look. She quiet mutters and fingers her rosary.
“These are…ehm quite…interesting.”
“I am SO jealous! It looks like a wild, and going out in D.C. is supposed to be super wild.”
“Oh, oh yes, I guess it uhm does.”
The sister averts her eye, and focuses on the uneventful carpet on the floor, trying to shift her focus away from the extension of troubled youth in her palm. The common white girl begins to suck up the remnants of the light brown liquid which, now hidden under rectangular chunks of ice, once filled her large, clear cup.
“So…what kind of IPhone is this? Its enormous.”
“Is a 6 plus! It is pretty big, my otter box didn’t even fit the first time I tried to get it on.”
“The last case I had was pretty sturdy, I absolutely loved it and it protected my phone pretty well since I have a knack for dropping it,” she said as a content, nostalgic grin came over her.
“That’s so lucky, ugh,” she said putting down her empty Starbucks cup.
“Okay, so I got this case like 4 months ago for my brand new IPhone 6, and I loved it so much. The sides were rubber and the back was plastic, and the whole thing was white. It was perfect! But guess what...

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