A View From The Bridge, Context, Plot, And Everything You Need To Know About It

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Arthur Miller was born with a jewish family in NYC in 1915. his grandparents had come to America from Poland. They moved to brooklyn after family business failed.

He began writing plays while he was a student at the university of Michigan. He became a journalist in 1938. he won the Pulitzer prize, he was confirmed a great playwright.

He worked an a shipyard for 2 years, where he became friends with italians he worked with. He heard stories of men coming over to work illegally and being betrayed. This inspired "a view from the bridge" written in 1955.

he married actress marilyn monroe, but divorced in 1961.

Most of his work was set in america of the day and portrays realistic characters and events. he deals with political and moral issues.

Italy in 1955 was a very poor country. During World War Two, Italy - ruled by the Fascist Mussolini - had initially fought alongside Nazi Germany. Yet the Italians became increasingly anxious about their role in the war and about Fascism, and in 1943, Mussolini was deposed by Victor Emmanuel III, the king of Italy. Italy then switched sides in the war and supported the British allies, but suffered huge loses in northern towns and villages as the Nazis tried to take revenge. After the war, following a referendum, the monarchy was abolished and a republic was established.


1a. lawyer alfieri, sets the scene, talks about justice and how it is dealt sometimes outside the law. introduces Eddie Carbone. Eddie arrives home with news about Beatrice's two cousins. beatrice is worried since she hasn't prepared for their arrival.

1b. Catherine also has news. About a new well payed job. eddie is worried about the idea. Beatrice takes Catherine's side with the job. Eddie warns both women that the cousin's are illegal immigrants and no word should be spoken of them.

1c. The cousins, marco and rodolpho arrive. Marco reassures eddie about their stay. he talks about his family situation in sicily and that he is desperate for cash.

Rodolpho describes life in a village. he then shows off his voice but is quickly stopped by eddie to avoid suspicion.

1d. few weeks later, catherine and rodolpho come home from a cinema together. They are in love. Eddie becomes hostile towards rodolpho. beatrice jokes that eddie must be jealous of him. She hopes the young ones will marry. Beatrice talks to eddie about their own relationship. Catherine gets home only to talk to eddie about how rodolpho is using her to gain citizenship. Catherine admits to beatrice that she loves rodolpho.

1e. eddie visits Alfieri to talk to him about Catherine's marriage to rodolpho. he remarks that rodolpho is gay. Alfieri tells eddie that their marriage is legit. Alfieri tells eddie to let Catherine grow up. At home eddie makes barbed comments towards rodolpho about his attitude towards Catherine. He insults rodolpho's...

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