A View Of The Graduated Licensing System In Canada

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One of the biggest legislative trends is the passage of graduated licensing systems. These statutes introduce new drivers to driving privileges slowly. That way, teens get practice under lower risk conditions before being allowed full driving privileges. Graduated Licensing was passed by the government on April 1, 1994. This new system of acquiring your license has three levels and gradually introduces drivers to the dangerous roadways. This method is very efficient and has reduced the number of accidents greatly. Studies show that drivers that acquired their licenses before 1994 have caused the most accidents. This is true mostly because of their lack of experience. I support Graduated Licensing and am grateful that it was introduced.It has been proven that teens need time to develop their driving skills and teens that have less practice are more likely to cause accidents. Teen crash statistics clearly show that we need to do something to better protect both teens and those who share the roads with them. Young people need time to develop driving skills and the judgment to counteract their lack of on-the-road experience. Graduated licensing works. For example, Florida instituted a graduated driving system for drivers 18 and under in 1996; in 1997, the first full year of graduated licensing, there was a 9% reduction in fatal and injury crash involvement among 15- to 17-year olds.(http://www.streetlaw.org/youthact/teendriving/licensing.html) I feel that driving is a privilege not a right, and if people want that privilege than they need not to abuse that privilege but rather respect it. Most people on the road...

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