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A View On Singapore´S Politics Essay

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You know I start following WP when Francis Seow contested the Eunos GRC in the 1988 general election. I attended all his rallies. My good friend Dave Tan is a long-time supporter of WP. Dave is 11 years my senior, an army officer trained under Israelis, worked in the semiconductor industry now retired. He is a big supporter of WP. Influenced by his uncle, he started supporting WP at the age of 10, followed David Marshall, the founder of Labor Party which later change to WP party and in 1971 when JBJ took over as a Sec-General. I believe there are many people like Dave in our midst.
Dave went to Aljunied Town Council last Wednesday (5-Nov) hoping to see Sylvia Lim to feedback the concerns about the hawker Centre problem. Unfortunately she happened to have meeting at the HQ in Syed Alwi Road.
Because Dave and I are true-blue supporters and I have a buddy represented in the parliament, I cannot pretend nothing’s happening, we must be more committed to share our views. Some of things may be stale, repeated so many times by friends and well-wishers or just plain out of date, but we should not take things for granted. I like to write these down as a friend, buddy and also one voter from the Aljunied GRC ward.
We know everyone in Singapore is watching the performance of Aljunied GRC. If WP fumbles and let slip, we expect some strong repercussions for a long while. If WP does well, we believe two more GRCs are in the taking along the way – East Coast GRC, Tampinies GRC and may be chances for Toa Payoh as well! We plead WP do not let the 72,165 brave voters of Aljunied GRC down! They truly got the guts to tell LKY to go fly a kite! They have also shown neighboring people of Cheng San how to do it!
To recap, last GE results: 1) East Coast – 45.2%, 2) Marine Parade – 43.4%, 3) Toa Payoh -43.1%, 4) Tampines – 42.8%. All lost by few percentages points, come GE2016, we will beat them.
The reason Marine Parade dropped from 72% to 56.6% is because of the cheating by Ting Peh Ling. She was caught campaigning during the cooling off day. But the Election Commission did not disqualify them (Double standard!). How dirty can it be! So the voters got pissed off, they voted against them!! So, after George Yeo lost his election, PAP plans to sack Ting Peh Ling and calls for a By-election in Marine Parade GRC. This time they get George Yeo to replace Ting. At the same time they want to make up for the cheating in the so call Saving-George-Yeo campaign. But, George is not interested anymore. I was told he had a big quarrel with LKY and he left PAP for good! (I used to like George Yeo, but too bad he was in the wrong camp) – Supporters place high expectation on the MP they are voting for.
When JBJ won the Anson By-election on 31 Oct 1981, many supporters were celebrating in the street of Bukit Merah as JBJ beaten Lim Kim San’s nephew by few...

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