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A Visit To The Aztec's Essay

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As I approached Chapultepec hill I saw this community located in the middle of a lake and its architecture just jumped out at me. The sight was amazing! I had never seen anything so eccentric before. As we arrived to this large city, Tenochtitlan, I saw that it has many canal waterway systems and bridges. There was one aqueduct that provided fresh drinking water, as the lake water wasn’t pure enough for people to drink. They also had bathing fountains, something I have never seen in our cities before. It was pleasing to see these people were a very clean society. These people, also known as the Aztecs, were using boats in the canals to travel and to transport in food and supplies to the ...view middle of the document...

I was determined for dinner to return for some of the delicious tamales they make.
One thing I won’t try though is what they eat as a delicacy; insect eggs they breed and harvest out of the lake. Another food I dislike very much that they savor is duck meat. They also do a lot of fishing, so I did join them for a fishing trip one time. They’re very skilled at fishing, which makes sense because they do eat a lot of fish in their diet. The Aztec people are very friendly and were more than willing to include me.
I was surprised to learn they made beer from a plant called agave. I tasted the nectar and it is sweet like juice. They would ferment this nectar into the beer. Another locally grown item they produce for medicinal purposes is the coca leaf. They chew it to alleviate fatigue and nausea. I was lucky enough to acquire some for the return trip home.
Walking into the main plaza I spotted this statue. I was taken aback because it was unearthly and peculiar. This statue had rattlesnakes in the skirt and on its head. I inquired from a local passerby as to why the statue was made this way. He explained to me it was their earth goddess Coatlicue. She swallows the sun at night, and after they give her a human sacrifice she gives the sun back. This ritual is part of their religion. I found this fascinating, but also horrifying to know they sacrifice people to this goddess.
Over the days I was there, I saw a strange sight and had to ask a local about it. This man was sitting with a long wooden collar attached around his neck. I thought at first it was one of their ritual costumes, but it was not. This man was a slave and the collar was to prevent him from escaping. He was being punished for either a crime or a debt he owed, or he had been captured in battle. I was appalled that...

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