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A Visit To The Witches Camp

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Mr. Gypsclomo resorted in violent behaviors in the village. Boys of the age of Dadster Posh were the target. Whenever he saw a boy at dusk, he rushed towards him. He threw something in his eyes. The youngster suddenly closed his eyes. He could not see because of the pains. After two boys have suffered the ordeal, the news spread in Tolobi. Since that time, the boys avoided him.
Mr. Gypsclomo bore grudge against the boys. He threw some powdered substances onto their face. One evening as Vigor passed by Mr. Gypsclomo, he felt that something has entered his eyes. The boy did not see him coming; it was in a curve.
"Eh, my eyes, you threw something into my eyes, why?" said Vigor.
"Yes, this is a message" replied the giant man with a hairy chest, "go and tell your friend to stop his nefarious activities."
"Which friend? I don't have any friend." said the crying boy.
"Dadster Posh, I always sees you together," shouted Mr. Gypsclomo, "Isn’t he your buddy?"
"I can't see, please, Mr. Gypsclomo" Vigor told him.
"Go home and wash your face!" said the giant man with a hairy chest while abandoning him to his fate.
His message really got to Dadster Posh. Vigor delivered it with red and swollen eyes. Then after that he scarcely approached his friend. After a while, Dadster Posh noticed that his peers were avoiding him. They did not want to play with him.
Only Foster, the aggressive boy kept his company. To him all other boys were cowards. He assured Dadster Posh of total support in case of any attack.
"We can show that the giant man that we don't fear him." Foster told his friend.
"That man is evil." replied Dadster Posh, “I’ll put him to shame some day.”
“Surely, his end will come one day” continued Foster.
One Saturday morning, Dadster Posh knocked at his grandfather door.
“Nene, I want to go to our old farm," said Dadster Posh, “maybe some plantain is ripe there." He knew Nene would agree because he liked roasted plantain meal.
"Don't be long! Are you going alone?" asked Nene from his bed.
"No, I’m going with auntie Mercy, Evelyn’s mother." replied Dadster Posh. Her woman’s farm shared a boundary with his grandmother’s.
He left the house and went to the woman who took care of him. After the she has dressed up, they set off. Dadster Posh was happy to be in her company. They were conversing on the way. As they reached the baobab tree, the woman stopped. It was at a junction. The main path was crossed by a smaller one.
“Do you see this path?” said the woman, “it leads to the witches’ camp.”
“How did know it?” asked Dadster Posh, “I’m told nobody knows the way to the witches’ camp.”
“Yes, it is true.”said Evelyn’s mother, “I discovered it by chance one day on my way to the next village.”
“How did you do it?” asked the excited boy.
“It was here, instead of taking to my left,” said the woman, “I took to the right, I thought I was going to the next village to see my sister.”
It was raining that morning. She continued through that path. When she got to...

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