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A Vivier Shoe Retrospective, Buckles And All

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When girls get older, they find their style. Not every girl is into fashion but the ones that are, love shoes. That is why I enjoyed this article by Eric Wilson, which was called “A Vivier shoe Retrospective Buckeles and All”. A man has a talent for designing shoes, which interests women the most. Fashion is one of the hardest imaginative jobs. You are picturing designs in you’re head and having someone else, make it happen. In my perspective people do not give designers enough credit, the amount of time and energy you would put into their job, just for one shoe. I find it amazing how much imagination people put into their designs. This article that I read is very important to me because I love fashion. I admire how much talent this designer has for shoes. This man named Rodger Vivier has his designs in this store that is re- opening at the Palais De Tokyo. Rodger Vivier brought back buckles, on shoes, he has some with buckles which he was inspired by the piligrims that used to wear buckled shoes. This is why this article is important and in my perspective this designer inspired and has me more interested in his designs.

In my article written by Eric Wilson, there were no questions asked. He only got direct quotes from some of the designers. The purpose of the quotes was to it show what designers think, and what goes on. For example, In’es de la Fressange quoted something about her own personal opinion on fashion. “There is this confusion that fashion is art,” Ms. De la Fressange said. “It is artisitc , it is creative, but it is handcraft.” She was stating that art and fashion should not be in the same category, but combined. I think that this article needed more quotes and questions to make this a lot better, because its nice to hear what other designers opinions on things are also.

Eric Wilson wrote about the new shoe store re- opening. He mentioned the famous designer Rodger Vivier who designed shoes for the store. This...

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