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Ancient Egyptian history covers a continuous period of over three thousand years. If I had the opportunity to travel back in time, it would be to the time when the last pharaoh ruled Egypt, Cleopatra VII, she had a life full of mysteries, deaths, and lovers . She was said to be the most beautiful woman in the world, but archeologist of our time found she was far from beautiful, despite her glamorous image today, "she is depicted on ancient coins with a long hooked nose and masculine features" (Pharaoh), but she was obviously a very seductive woman, besides her marriages with his two bothers (to follow tradition), she was the lover of Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony, with whom she ended up marring. Cleopatra commit suicide, Octavian's guards found her dead on her golden bed, with her maids next to her.Cleopatra VII was born in 69 BC in Alexandria, at that time capital of Egypt. Her father, Ptolemy XII, was Egypt pharaoh, but Cleopatra VII was not the pharaoh's older daughter, she had two older sisters before her., but she was said to be a highly intelligent woman, she spoke nine languages "she was the first Ptolemy to spoke nine languages" (greatest pharaohs), and she also prove to be a great politician.Cleopatra VI died of unknown causes and Berenice was killed by her father after he regain power. When Cleopatra's father died in 51 BC, Cleopatra and her brother Ptolemy XIII inherited the throne and following Egyptian tradition she married him. At that time she was 17 or 18 year-old when she first became queen, she was force to exile in Syria by her brother/husband until he died and Caesar (her lover) restored Cleopatra to her throne, she married her brother Ptolemy XIV, who was 11 or 12 year-old at that time. After spending a two month cruise with Caesar she became pregnant and later had a son, Ptolemy XV, called Caesarion or "little Caesar", it was suggested that Caesar wasn't really Caesarion's father but as he strongly resembled Caesar he acknowledge him as his son. A year later she was invited by Caesar to visit him in Rome, she arrived in the autumn of 46 BC, accompanied by Caesarion and her young brother/husband. On March 15, 44 BC a crowd of conspirators surrounded Caesar at the Senate meeting and killed him, Cleopatra knowing that she was in danger quickly left Rome and return to Egypt. Before or immediately their return to Rome Ptolemy XIV died, possibly poisoned at Cleopatra's command, and she made Caesarion her co-regent.In 42 BC Mark Anthony summoned Cleopatra to tarsus where he was impressed by her enormous display of luxury, as she had intended. Like Caesar before him, Anthony was enthralled. Forgetting his responsibilities, he accompanied Cleopatra to Alexandria and spend the winter with her. Finally, Anthony said goodbye to...

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