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A Walk In The Clouds Essay

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When considering a source to consider, when looking for films that portray Latin American lifestyle or values, I choose one film in particular. A Walk in the Clouds, directed by Alfonso Arau came to mind. When one watches this film, it is plain to see the interaction and struggles between a traditional Mexican family and the lifestyle of a United States California lifestyle. I have watched this particular film in the past, but now with a different pair of lenses to watch through, it became more exceedingly distinguished to my new found perception of Latin America. Unknowingly to myself, I did not know that the director was the same who directed Like Water for Chocolate. One review describes it as follows, “Alfonso Arau has a somewhat easy time of it in A Walk in the Clouds. The Mexican filmmaker who made kitchens look like boudoirs in Like Water for Chocolate transports that same fairy-tale feeling to this romance set in Northern California.”. With further reflection I can see the connection now after watching the later.
First and foremost, the connection between American lifestyles and traditional Mexican lifestyles are clashed when the daughter, Victoria, of a vineyard owner, Alberto, in Napa Valley becomes pregnant outside of the family to her professor at Stanford, who is a white man. Paul, played by Keanu Reeves, decides to take it upon himself to assist in this clash of cultures by pretending to be her husband while accompanying her back to her parent’s villa. This is an example of not only Paul’s gentleman-like character and fidelity, but the view of this traditional family as Alberto is confronted with this news. He is angry that Paul did not ask for permission nor did Victoria take a man who is of the same class or wealth as the family is.
The ideology of “roots” is pressed deeply upon the film and its metaphorical and literal meaning. Since the film is mostly filmed on a vineyard, the root, for which the grandfather, Don Pedro shows Paul, is the foundation not only to the families business but to...

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