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A Walk On The Dark Side

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Jim Nolan is the main protagonist of the story In Dubious Battle, which was written by John Steinbeck in 1936. This novel was based off of the Tagus Ranch peach strike and the Corcoran cotton strike. Jim Nolan had a rough life and was searching for somewhere in which he could fit in. Over the course of the novel the reader observes the evolution of Jim Nolan while he was in the process of discovering what his purpose in life was.
As a child Jim witnessed some horrific events. His father was beaten to death, his sister disappeared from school one day and never returned, and his mother died suddenly. From this point on Jim felt that he was lost, and that his life had no purpose. ...view middle of the document...

The main job of Jim and Mac was to use the recent pay cut to stir up the workers and help them form an organized strike. Mac quickly gained the trust of the workers after he helped deliver the grandson of the leader of the migrant workers. Jim learns from Mac that you have to seize every opportunity handed to you in order to the cause spread.
Jim’s turning point in behavior came as a shock to both Mac and the audience. After te Anderson’s barn was burnt down Mac captures a young man that was involved in the fire. It was Mac’s decision to beat on the boy, but afterward he immediately felt guilt towards the situation, but not Jim.
Later in Jim's apprenticeship, when Mac feels regret after roughing up one of the youths who set fire to Anderson's barn, Jim exhibits a new ruthless attitude and heightened level of commitment when he reassures Mac with authority that it was the right course of immediate action. His burgeoning exercise of authority and dedication reiterates Mac's mantra that, "The thing will carry on and on. It'll spread, and some day—it'll work," if only the men keep at it in the meantime (121).
Mac and Jim are then accosted by a boy who tells them he found a doctor who has been hurt. Mac and Jim start to run, thinking they will find Doc Burton. Realizing they have been duped, Mac stops and tells Jim to duck. Shots are fired. When Mac stands up and calls for Jim, he sees Jim inert on the ground. As he walks closer, Mac sees that Jim's face...

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