A Walk Through Of The New Office

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If I were given the opportunity to set up and design a medical office, I would strive to create an environment that is suitable for average suburban families of any income level, providing comfort and convenience. I would first locate a facility where most of our patients’ care could be done in one place. Ideally, there would be various specialties, a pharmacy, radiology and imaging, and lab services. This would provide convenient accessibility for patients requiring dual care, specialties, or medication following their initial visit with us.
When you enter this office you will be peacefully enveloped into pale sage, light brown and neutral tones, creating a sense of warmth and comfort. ...view middle of the document...

5). The seating would be around the outside of the play area to provide separation and keep children under parental supervision (Harrison, 2010, p.5).
Our office and treatment areas would be state-of-the art. We would appropriate some of the best equipment available, ensuring optimal care for our patients. The clinical portion of the office would consist of two intake rooms for vitals, six exam rooms, two procedure rooms, and three offices for each provider. Each of the treatment rooms will be decorated to create a calming environment using hues of blue and lavender (Harrison,2010, p. 2). They will be set up identical, with slight variations in procedure needs. This arrangement insures efficiency, and prompt service for our patients, all the while providing a comforting environment. In conjunction with our state-of-the-art equipment, we would use an electronic health record system. This offers swift response from office staff regarding records transfers, insurance, and collections, among many other tasks. Here, patient data and diagnostics can be immediately integrated into their electronic record,” eliminating the need to import this data through a secondary interface, thereby improving efficiency and reducing transcription errors.” (Wells, 2005). Increasing efficiency gives the provider more time to focus on the patient and their reason for visiting (Soper, 1999).
Professional personnel would be imperative to the success of this practice. We would employ a physician, two physician’s assistants, two registered nurses, and three CNA/CMAs for the clinical area. For the front office we would require two check-in receptionists, one at check-out, one insurance and billing specialist, and one “floating” receptionist who can assist behind the desk and in the waiting area. Every employee would have appropriate credentials, sufficient experience, and an understanding of teamwork. To ensure teamwork and moral stay high, we would participate in activities that promote healthy growth as a unit. Daily Team...

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