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A Warrior Life: Nelson Mandela Essay

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Nelson Mandela also called Rolihlahla, he was a black African Male born in Mvezo. He was given the alias of Black Pimpernel while he was evading the police during the early 1960’s. Mandela core values were freedom and equality; he was against all forms of racism and his ultimate goal was to set South Africa from those who wish to have absolute power. He wanted to get rid of communism, he believed in a democracy, which involves all adults citizen to stand up take a vote. However, at the time these ideas were just a part of his dreams. His early knowledge about what it meant to be free came from the stories that were passed from generation to generation by his relatives and from here; he obtained his desire to take action on the future of his country.
One of his first steps of his journey to liberate South Africa was to be one of the founders of the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL), in 1948 he became its president. This plays an important role on the South American young adults and teenagers because it currently allows them to find a way to take action on the direct problems their society is facing. The social impact that Mandela had on his country is unmeasurable, his country was ran over by imperialism era. Africans were forced to be slaves for so many years and during the 20th century things were not so different. They were ruled by the Apartheid Regime with no hope for a better future, the rich were still rich, and the poor were the society trash. Mandela along with other colleagues gathered what they have to organize the M-Plan named after him. The M-plan organized a small revolution that brought up together those who believed this could get better, the streets were their transportation, and their voices were their weapons. He was only a spectator of the Freedom charter, which is really similar to the declaration of independence, put together with the bill of rights. By, this time he had to go underground because he was been persecuted.
Another important step Mandela took was the MK movement; this movement symbolizes the beginning of an era of violence. Mandela along with other African leaders decided to use force, they realized that non-violence protest were not going allow them to move forward with their plans, this was a strategy to diminish the power that the government had. Mandela became the first commander in chief of this movement. In my opinion, this could be one of Mandela’s biggest regrets, no because he was sent to prison for it, but because of the consequences that brought up years later. Moreover, he spent years of his presidential time on the ANC trying to stop violence. He signed the National Peace Accord, which goal was to end the violence that had been widely spread.
Mandela had one of the strongest enemies of South Africa, their own government apartheid regime. Moreover, he also had many people who liked him, almost everyone who wanted a life without oppression, discrimination, and communism. Later during...

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