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A Weekend At A Nascar Event

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A Weekend at NASCAR

As most people are aware, NASCAR is the fastest growing sport in America. NASCAR, or the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, has become a national phenomenon and is attended by millions of Americans of year.

The NASCAR season begins in February at the speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida, and runs until November where it concludes at the final race in Homestead, Florida. The season consists of 36 races at tracks throughout the United States. Some tracks, such as Daytona and Texas, sponsor two races each season. So what is the appeal for so many people?

In football (College or Pro) tailgating may last several hours on game day. For NASCAR fans, tailgating can last a week. Fans will begin arriving on Wednesday before the race weekend. Some will arrive in top-of-the line Class A motor homes and park in the infield, while others will set up tents, campers, and 5th wheel trailers at the many camping and parking areas around the track. Even the most rudimentary campsites can include portable generators and flat-screen TVs. Fans can view qualifying races usually beginning on Thursday and ending on Friday. Those with appropriate tickets or connections can also visit the pit areas and garages and view the cars being prepared.

One of the first things a real NASCAR fan does is to choose their favorite driver to cheer for. Without choosing a driver, a NASCAR race is just a bunch of cars going fast around the track. Not choosing a driver would be like attending a football game and not having a favorite team. You’re just not invested. A real fan will also use a track scanner, which is a radio that allows you to hear the conversations between the driver and crew chief, as well as his spotter. If you don’t have one, they are available to rent at the track. A radio or scanner also helps you stay abreast of what’s happening on the track. Since these cars are moving at speeds of 150 to 200 miles per hour, there are the inevitable crashes, so the scanner helps you to know what happened.

The atmosphere is electric. It’s hard to imagine that a single...

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