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A Weird Life Part 2

2466 words - 10 pages

I waited at the front of the school, wondering if the mistress would pick me up today. I had called my mother 'the mistress' for as long as I could remember. She had told me to call that when I was young, although it seemed as if it had been a lifetime since I first heard the mistress command me to do that.The mistress usually didn't come, and I ended up walking the long journey home which would take 40 minutes by car. Although it was hard and tiring, I still went home so that I could live. I preferred walking the trip home, rather than taking taxi rides as they stunk like shit.Everyone around me said that I was 'lucky' to have someone like the mistress as my mother. When in public together (however rare) I called her 'Mum' and said that I walked home only for the exercise claiming that I had started to put on weight even though I was actually quite slim. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I saw a girl with beautiful brown, wavy hair with dark eyes and tanned skin staring back at me. That was just the outside though, but deep inside, my heart ached with pain and it was almost too much for me to bear. I needed the love and attention from a caring mother than anything else in the world. My heart was like a black-shaped box always staying in the shadows.Surprisingly, more boys liked me as a person than girls. Part of the reason was jealously, but I didn't believe that that was the entire reason. The boys didn't really care whether I was the daughter of a famous actor, or whether I was a poor girl who lived on the streets; they took me for who I was. My three closest friends, Michael, Peter and Rossie, were the few people who I could tell all my secrets to. They knew about what the mistress was really like to me, but they did not pity me. I would rather someone hate me than pity me, so they decided to be happy for me about it, as they could be my guardian angels. Even though I said that they were all my guardian angels, I believed that the true angel was Peter. He stood up for me and was constantly on guard to see if anyone was teasing or bullying me. He went through all the tough times with me, spending hours every night after school talking to each other and solving each others' problems together by mobile. The mobile costs were one of the few of the many things that the mistress didn't care about...She didn't care what I did, just so long as I was out of her way, everything was fine.As it was an hour after the bell had rung, I knew that the mistress would not come today as usual. She would most probably be in Florida or some other American country at the moment anyway.As I walked home, I passed many familiar faces, and I greeted each and every individual with a different greeting, just to see how many I knew. This was one of the few ways I passed time. Another way was just to call my friends by mobile, and chat to them. They would happily talk to me, as I was a good listener and enjoyed talking very much. Most people though that I had learnt...

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