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A Weird Way To Kill For Justice

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A young charming handicapped man in college barely over the age of twenty-five, spots an older female. The swiftness of the female attracts him. The young man runs in the females direction, making the situation seem as if he had to rush. He drops his books knowingly, and in the process of bending over to gather all of the scattered books that previously escaped from his grip the female recognized the man’s broken arm. She starts to help the young man without asking. He obtained a smirk stare on his face, an unpleasant and uneasy stare. The man looks up at her, merciless and kneed the defenseless female in her youthful face. The female unexpectedly endured the dragging of herself to the vehicle of the savagely young man. The young man nonchalantly sped to his home where he committed several murders before without any remorse. As the long, bumpy car ride slowly startled and woke the young confused woman, she noticed something. Something strange. She realizes the once charming young man abducted her; she had no idea of where she was going. Trying to recollect her thoughts, the man knocks her out in heartless laughter. He brings the oblivious, still unconscious woman to his bedroom. In a rage familiar to the man, he breaks off a steel bed rod. He starts to unbutton the female’s blue jeans. Pulls them off gently along with her underpants, as if he could not anticipate whatever happens next. He grabs the stone-cold bed rod and shoves it ruthlessly up her vagina. This story holds truth and the young woman lived after the torment of what the man brought upon her and told her story. Ted Bundy portrays this character and received the death row sentence by the reason of assaulting and committing murders on helpless females. There exist many different ways to deal with crimes in the court of law; however, the government should federal mandate in serial murders, treason and rape cases to save cost of incarceration and to deteriorate similar crimes.
Capital punishment has lasted for many years, but for America it all started in Jamestown, Virginia, the first settlement and colony from Britain. Jamestown needed council members to regulate the town and the folk of that town sworn in a mid-age fellow by the name of George Kendall. Not even a year later Kendall faced the death penalty by proof that he had committed treason for the country of Spain. After a few years of the execution of Kendall, “In 1612, Virginia Governor Sir Thomas Dale enacted the Divine, Moral and Martial Laws, which provided the death penalty for even minor offenses such as stealing grapes, killing chickens, and trading with Indians” (Randa). Hanging, firing squad, gas chamber, and the electrocution chair existed as the sole methods of capital punishment in the past. Capital punishment use lethal injection as the sole punishment today. America based a lot of capital punishment on morals. In Jamestown, church and following the directions of God standed as the most important subjects of that...

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