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A. What Has Been The Most Important Event In Your Life, And How Has It Changed You?

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The most important event in my life has been attending MASC’s summer leadership camp in 2012 and 2013. Those ten days were perhaps the most beneficial days of my life.
MASC stands for Missouri Association of Student Councils. Since I joined our school’s Student Council my senior year, I had the opportunity to attend their summer camp.
When I arrived, as a Level 1 camper, I was overwhelmed by all the other crazy and outgoing campers. I didn’t know how I was going to fit in since I was shy around new people. Everyone was split into 26 different councils. I was in council ‘M’. That week changed me from a shy, new Student Council member to a girl who was completely comfortable with being herself and confident for her first year in Student Council
The first major event was the Olympics. All 26 councils came together and participated in different games. This was when our council first truly bonded and brought me out of my comfort zone. I learned how important teamwork is and how to embrace everyone’s different talents. I am a very competitive person, but during that night, I realized that it didn’t matter who won. All that mattered was the memories being made.
Another activity we did, that had a major impact on me, was the concert. Each council made a parody to a popular song and sang it in front of the entire camp. We even had a dance to go along with ours. I really love to sing dance, even though I am terrible at it, but before that week I never would have been able to do it in front of so many people. This also really helped me get over my fear of public speaking.
Our last major event was the Duck Derby, a tournament between all the Level 1 councils. This was a time when many of the councils got into arguments because we are all leaders who want to take charge. Our council worked...

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