A Wife Is A Wife: Depending On How You Roll The Dice

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A Wife is a Wife: Depending On How You Roll The Dice
Indefinitely, we’ve all partaken or have visualized ourselves in spending our eternal life with somebody else — at least once. That’s one hell of an annoying 24-hour surveillance you’ve bought yourself there; along with warranty and lifetime guarantee. (Maybe not the warranty.) Hypothetically speaking, with some bad comes some good. Without question [and humane as it is] sex is something we can vastly agree upon, the intimacy you’d share with your loved one. Those stupid “butterflies” you feel in your stomach and linger when you see the person you love, or simply have a crush on. The person who’ll make you live through hell. (If you’re religious.) The warmth and loving care you’ll share and cherish together. Reproducing and sharing it with an offspring — now for that you need a god damn wife. (Lawfully.)
I, myself, can not speak on behalf of having a wife; yet. What I can and will simply do is identify the traits that we’ve yet come to know of as a wife, or “wifey–material” as some modern day dumb-asses might call it. A wife is a female partner in which she abides by the opposite spouse. Expressing, a female who continues to live an everlasting marital relationship. Of course, that’s only if she doesn't suffer the tragic loss of her beloved spouse; leaving her as a so-called widow. Among those terms, comes, what us men [need] to survive — a woman. It’s the cycle of life, to be married to a woman that will take care of all the essential needs, whilst we do as well. It always has been and forever more continues to grow. We’re not the only ones either — for example, if you’d take a look outside, you’d maybe see a couple of pigeons or sparrows flying together. Who just might be living together, loving each other, and nurturing each other. Environment, nature, and nurture play a huge role here; just as in the human lives we live in everyday.
In Judy Brady’s, I Want a Wife (an article that appeared in Ms. Magazine in 1972) is scripted, and genuinely listed in what she believes into what makes a wife, a wife. More primarily, on why she’d want a wife. Approving the majority of demands listed on the article — they do not seem too drastic or exaggerated. They seem quite reasonable and ethical in terms of being married, except for just a few. They aren’t in all seriousness rejective, they just sound a bit demanding and seems to tilt the table a bit. Keeping in mind that we’re talking about 1972 here — about 40 years ago — things’ have changed. Just “how much?”, is the question here. Although, the few demanding orders that...

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