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A Wind In The Door Essay

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A Wind in the Door I read the book A Wind In The Door by Madeline L?Engle. There are Dragons in the twin?s vegetable garden, or at least there were. Meg, Calvin, Charles Wallace, Mr. Jenkins, Proginoskes, a Cherubium, or in other words a dragon, and Blajeny, the teacher are all confronted with a major conflict. Charles Wallace is sick, extremely sick. You see his farandoles aren?t producing at a satisfactory rate and that throws off the entire balance of his mitochondria (mite*o*condry*a). When that happens the host, in this case Charles Wallace will lose oxygen, and fast. When the Farae doesn?t deepen they listen to the Echthroi (eck*throy) and follow him the entire community of Farae will die out. Soon after the Mitochondria will do the same and it will keep going until Charles Wallace dies. When Sporos, a Farae won?t deepen all the others will follow. Meg and the others end up in one of Charles Wallace?s Mitochondria they must learn to Kythe (to feel and speak through one?s mind). One thing they realize that if Charles dies so will they, which just makes everything worse, but exciting. They must persuade Sporos to deepen for the sake of himself and all the others around him. That is only one of the three tests Meg and the others must pass in order to beat the Echthroi and save Charles Wallace. Another being choosing between three Mr. Jenkins. Two being mirror images and one being the true and real Mr. Jenkins. If Meg doesn?t choose correctly she and Proginoskes will be Xed or forced to X themselves. Meg...

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