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A Wish Come True / A First Hand Experience Dealing With Poverty And Help Making The School Environment Better For Children Who Have So Little.

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I rushed quickly with school supplies in the blazing heat to reach the elementary school. With a first glance numerous children stood around a flag pole in rows of grade level while a flag ceremony took place. As I gracefully continued to walk up to watch the flag ceremony, a comely little girl came up to me and presented a single flower and pinned it on my shirt. The appearance of the children's tattered clothing was impecunious and the school's condition was even worse. Afterwards my friend, another student member of the Wish for Kids Club, and I, nervously walked into the third grade doorway, then suddenly the mass of children in the classroom stood up and greeted us with, "Good morning visitors!"Trying to inculcate as much knowledge of books and literacy as I could, I directed my attention to a young girl who had raised her hand. "Could we read to you?" she asked, and at that moment I felt their trust in me. For someone who hasn't been a teacher before, I had lots of mixed emotions of excitement for this venture. First, sorrow for children who have meager opportunities, then joy for the openness and respect they afforded us. For once, I realized how much responsibility a teacher holds. It is as if I held their learning by my hands.The next afternoon, the club members and I returned back to the school to work on the newly built library, which our school community has made a reality with their contribution of books and monetary donations. Surprisingly, there were children at the school when it wasn't even in session. We decided to separate into two groups; one read to the children on the grass and the other worked on the library. As a group we stocked an estimated amount of 2000 books we collected from our school. A couple...

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