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Ursula le Guinn’s novel A Wizard of Earthsea introduces readers to Duny of the Ten Adlers. Duny evolves from an ordinary youngster to a hero through his life journey. As with many other heroes, Duny seems like another child but faces challenges that prove him extraordinary, demonstrating a number of heroic traits but especially braveness, optimism and responsibility. During a wizard of Earthsea life in the Ten Adlers is normal until a dangerous warning is announced and through protecting this from happening and fro this an opportunity evolves. Duny’s bravery is proved through many situations when he needs to take action despite his fears. He also proves his bravery because he does many things to help others that endanger himself. Duny makes it evident that he has a deep sense of responsibility because in times where he made a huge mistake he went out of his way to fix it and accepts punishments involved. Duny definitely carries the trait of being optimistic; Duny always likes to keep pushing further on in dangerous times and still has hope through the odds.
The way Duny tries to fix his mistakes in the book show that he has a deep sense of responsibility. Readers are proven this when he unleashes a dangerous shadow and goes out of his way to destroy it no matter how dangerous. Along this journey he tried to save people and help them. Although he didn’t always succeed he was still determined until the end. Another thing that proves to the readers that he has a strong sense of responsibility is when he tries to save his friend’s son, he failed to do so and from this wanted to take responsibility because he thought it was his fault, even though there was little he could do in the first place.

Another obvious trait is...

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