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A Woman At A Crossroads Essay

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A Woman at a Crossroads
Career development plans are essential in a client’s career development. The plan incorporates all the tools and skills of a career counselor to aid the client in a framework fitting for the client’s background. The responsibility of the career counselor is to address the issues of the client’s satisfaction in their career and identifying their needs, wants, capacity, and challenges. In doing so the career counselor creates goals to build an action plan. Assisting clients in who they are as a person and what their career goals are is an essential in establishing a working alliance in career counseling. This paper will display the draft of the final project in case of ...view middle of the document...

She has considered working as an editorial assistant, recreation planner, or technical writing. Alania likes to work out and played sports in basketball and tennis in high school. She also coached tennis in high school. She even thought about being a sports writer for tennis events. She is involved in the Catholic Church. She thinks herself to be ambitious in professional, but dedicated and compassionate. She has mild depression that is chronic and has participated in counseling twice in eight years. Once from her cousins suicide and the second for couples counseling. They had fifteen sessions to deal with her husband's alcoholism and anger. It made her marriage better and her husband supports the change in career. She is on 20 mg of fluoxetine that keeps her mood stable. She is unhappy that she doesn’t get excited or overly happy. In the last two weeks she has been anxious, waking earlier, and when she does feeling mild dread. She sees her family doctor in two weeks for poor sleeping. Alaina has been thinking of going back to school and her friend suggested being a school psychologist. Alaina thinks going to school would be tough. She also think school psychologists only put children in special education. She likes to cook, play poker, work in gardens, and physical fitness. Alaina considered the options of being an editorial assistant for a publisher, technical writer, or working with adults in recreation planning. She also thought of being a dietitian because of how much work she puts into her...

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