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A Woman In A Man's World

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She was the biggest movie goddess, the prime sex symbol to be alive at her time; Marilyn Monroe was desired by many men, and is still an inspiration to many generations of women. Even after more than fifty years after her death, she still continues to be an unrivaled fashion and movie icon. Even though, Marilyn Monroe is not alive today, she still continues to influence today’s society by defying the typical “model” standard.
Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jeane Baker on June 1, 1926 in Los Angeles, California. During her early years she overcame many hardships. Marilyn's father deserted the family before her birth, so she spent most of her childhood not knowing her father's identity. There ...view middle of the document...

Should the studio choose to renew, she would receive $750 weekly for the second year; $1,250 for the third year; $1,500 for the fourth; $2,000 for the fifth; $2,500 for the sixth; and if she was still working with Fox in 1957 she would receive $3,500 weekly for her last year (Spoto 182). However, Fox wanted the young starlet to change her name, as they thought Norma Jeane Baker was too southern. Soon after, she changed her name to Marilyn, after Fox talent Scout Ben Lyon, suggested the name to her for her first screen test. The name stuck, and Monroe came from her mom’s maiden name. Monroe began using the name in 1946, but did not legally change her name until 1956.
When Monroe first made a splash in Hollywood many women could not accept her as an example of womanhood. During the middle of the 50’s, Monroe’s bombshell image was a bit repulsive and offensive to some women who viewed her breathy voice, skimpy outfits, and blatant sexuality as improper (Warlick). She brought body-conscious designs to attention, which was feat in an era keen on Peter Pan collars with matching gloves, handbags, and prim and proper ladies. Therefore, one of Monroe’s greatest contributions to fashion was how she embraced her curvy figure. She did not give in to the typical stereotype of woman being stick thin. She accepted who she was.
Even though many people commonly assumed that Marilyn Monroe was anywhere between a size twelve and a size...

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