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A Woman's Place? Essay

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Where does the woman belong? Anybody knows? Yes I know, no one knows! “A woman’s place is at home” The old saying said. But why exactly their place is at home? They never said! Where exactly do they belong, at work? Or do they belong to their houses? That’s the hidden mystery; women do not have an assigned place. In free societies, born to choose and decide their destiny. From far old times, and it’s still a debatable issue. Should women have a job or should they approve the unpaid house job. I personally believe that a woman’s right place is at work, and I think that a woman’s husband and everyone else standing in her career path should allow the woman to do the job she chose and the thing she loves.
Why do you think that you should allow women to go out of house and have their beloved job? Will you stand against something that strengthens a woman’s personality? I don’t think so. And yes, working builds up a woman’s character. It gives women the opportunity to spend some time on their own. Women who stay at house never enjoy a moment of peace and silence. Children shouting, babies crying and they don’t have the chance to think in a peace surrounding. Working mothers get time away from family and house problems; they have the chance to think in quiet and to focus on something other than children’s demands. So who said the work may take a woman away from her house, actually working woman who enjoy time alone may have a better concentration and thinking toward her house’s problems. All mothers love their children and they enjoy talking with them. But why not have some nice interaction with other adults? A working mother has the feature of interaction with people. Spending time in a company full of people gives women the opportunity to chat and talk with several people, which is something a person really needs. Besides all that, Working increases a woman’s identity. Despite that being a mom is such a great thing, working gives a woman a higher praise beyond being a mom. It creates a totally new character filled with praise, identity and uniqueness. Having a job gives those women a healthy life style. In fact, a report published by The American Psychological Association shows that mothers who maintain their jobs and healthier than the more traditional stay at home mothers. Women who enjoy their coffee at work with a big smile know exactly what I’m talking about.
A second reason to make you allow women to work is actually an answer to one of the objections from people who are against working women. Those people think that women who go out for work have less time at home which means that her children will suffer. I don’t think so; I actually see it from another point of view. How do you think children might benefit from working mothers? A working mother sets as an example or a role model for her children. A mother’s life choices are always the first role model when the children first get out into the world. They’ll learn that family is top priority,...

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A Woman's Place Essay

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