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A Woman's Role In Society Essay

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The Roles of Women in “A Doll's House” and “Trifles”
“A Doll's House” and “Trifles” are very different plays, such as the number of acts, the styles used throughout, and the way characters interact. These plays are also very similar in that they dicuss and deal with the same type of situations and scenarios. Both plays helped change society in the way that men view the roles of women in their lives. Nora and Mrs. Wright both are in marriages that they must leave or get out of although they handled their situations very differently the two women in the plays set a precedent and changed the roles of women in society forever.
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Joyce E. Henry explains that Torvald felt Krogstad was not fit to bring up his children and Nora send her children away at the end of the first act (Henry). Nora tells Mrs. Linde that Krogstad is blackmailing her and again beg Torvald to keep Krogatad, Because of Nora's plea Torvald immediately releases Krogstad form the bank. Nora then seeks out Dr. Rank, a family friend, to help, but he makes it clear that he is in love with Nora before she gets her opportunity. Nora decides that it would not be wise to seek help from Dr. Rank. Krogatad leaves a letter explaining Nora's dishonesty and everything that has happened. Nora distracts Torvald from opening the mail and finally ask him to wait to look at the mail. Torvald later begins to read the letters, Nora is imagining her self dead after committing suicide. Krogstad interrupts her and demands her to explain all of this, but he refuses to listen. Torvald is only concerned with himself and his reputation. At this time Krogstad sends another letter explaining that he will not take legal action, Torvald is immediately turned around and is willing to forget anything ever happened. Nora then sees how selfish he husband is and decides to leave her family to go find herself and who she really is.
“Trifles” begins in an old rural farm house. The play quickly sets up the catastrophic mood as John Wright the owner of the farm house is found dead and appeared to be strangled to death in his sleep (Galens). Greg Betty the author of Master Plots II explains that Mr. Hale, the county sheriff entered the house to speak to John Wright and saw his wife rocking in a chair. Mr. Hale asked to speak to Mr. Wright and Mrs. Wright responded my saying that he would not be able to because her husband was dead (Betty). Three men enter the house first to begin the investigation, Henry Peters, George Henderson, and Lewis Hale. The wives of these men proceed with much more caution because they are deeply disturbed by what has happened inside. Henderson questions Lewis first since he is the one that discovered the body. Lewis tells Henderson exactly what happened, and they set out around the house to look for clues. Lewis quickly dismisses the room Minnie was in the day before and said it is nothing but kitchen things there. The men decided to start upstairs, leaving Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters alone to talk. Mrs. Hale remembers Minnie before she married John and how lively of a person she was. She recalled that John had always had a mean and violent temper. While the men were still looking the women find and empty birdcage in the kitchen drawer, they were trying to recall if Minnie ever had a bird. The women continue searching and find their answer in the sewing kit, there lies a dead cannery wrapped in silk with a broken neck. The...

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