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A Woman's Strength Essay

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In many of Jane Austen’s novels, women are often portrayed as very passionate and strong characters, much more so than the men. The novel Sense and Sensibility, in particular, contains multiple female leads that display different aspects of a woman and her approach on life’s many decisions. Elinor Dashwood, for example, made her decisions and acted on her sense, making her a strong character especially when her emotions are tested. Marianne Dashwood, on the other hand, made all of her choices solely based on her emotions rather than sense, which is what made her seem weak as her emotions were tested win the book. Even with these two very different mindsets between the two sisters, Austen ...view middle of the document...

Though Marianne is a strong example of a weak-minded woman in Sense and Sensibility, Austen shifted gears with some of her strong-willed female characters. Fanny Dashwood was one of Austen’s stronger characters due to Fanny’s cunning. From the moment Fanny had married John Dashwood, her goal was to obtain as much of the Dashwood wealth as possible for the sake of her and her son. It is also because of Fanny and her manipulation skills that Elinor, Marianne, Margaret, and their mother were forced to live in a smaller house and make a living off of a lower income. Her zealous climb up the social ladder made her a snobbish character, but her determination and ability to manipulate along with her mother, Mrs. Ferras, made her quite strong as a woman who had goals she was focused on meeting.
Like Fanny Dashwood, the young Lucy Steele was determined to keep what she felt belonged to her. In Lucy’s mind, Edward Ferras was hers from the moment they became engaged. When Lucy finally met Elinor, who was also in love with Edward, she stabbed Elinor right in the heart with the confidential information regarding their marriage. Even though Elinor could have gone immediately to someone about this information, she was respectable and kept it to herself. Knowing that Elinor would most definitely keep this secret, she shoved the knife in deeper, and talked about Edward with her incessantly. Aside from the situation with Edward and Elinor, Lucy was simply a woman who cleverly made everyone around her enjoy her company,...

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