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In the story “A Good Man is Hard to Find” Flannery O'Connor uses the grandmother as a person who gets what she wants. At first she doesn't want to go to Florida she want's to visit her relatives in Tennessee. We also learn she is manipulative when she tries to change Bailey's (her son) mind. Whenever something doesn't go her way she wants she isn't pleased. She uses the story of the Misfit to scare the family so that they would go to Tennessee. Something else the grandmother says about herself in the story is that she is a lady. Later on in the story when the grandmother is faced with the Misfit she uses the same style of manipulation to convince him that he's a good man to save herself. ...view middle of the document...

The grandmother's wit is what gives her the name as the woman who gets what she wants.
In the beginning of the story the grandmother's didn't realize it was her selfishness from the beginning that put her family in danger. She told the family that there was a story of a house with silver hidden in it when Sherman came through but it was never found. That says that she was selfishness enough to tell the family something false in order for them to go there. Later on the family gets into an accident that was actually cause because of the grandmother. First, she tells the family to go to the plantation and lies to win the kids over. Second, she leads the family down the wrong trail. Lastly, she makes the cat jump on Bailey while he's driving which startles him into having an accident. The grandmother feels no guilt at that point because she fakes an injury so that she can have Bailey's sympathy.
At the ending of the story, the grandmother shows a religious transformation in order for the Misfit to spare her life. She brings up praying in the hopes that the Misfit could also see his religious side. She says, “If you would pray, Jesus would help you” (O'connor 120-121). She's hoping that Jesus would help him so that she could be spared and live to see another day. Unfortunately, the Misfit doesn't want to pray because he has his own way of doing things and is already convinced that there is no turning back for him. At this...

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