A Women's Best Friend Is Also Their Greatest Enemy

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S uppose every women strives to be the unknown beauty pageant. For the first time at the age of 12 teenagers might be thrilled to apply the lipstick, or
experimenting some foundation to cover up those blemishes, imperfect spots or unattractive flaws. Cosmetic products can be a women's best friend, however if used without correct knowledge they can be a women's worst enemy. Around our world today, the average population of women uses 12 different types of make-up products a day, containing up to 175 varieties of ingredients, according to the research of the U.S.A organization Skin Deep. Cosmetic sellers are always screaming that their product are the best, but are they really? Unaware of the danger ahead, women are willing to put their skin to the test. ! Make-up Ingredients causes severe skin damage Like natural human behaviour, we are tired and lazy after a long day of work. This is same for women, however because of this reason, they tend to forget to wipe off their make-up. Falling asleep with make-up on could lead to bacteria infections caused by acne and residue that stay on pillow leading to sickness. "I would say that at least 50% women think they have sensitive skin" says dermatologist DR David Bank. "They have a hard time finding products that unit cause a reaction." DR David added. According to DR David Bank's word there are two categories of cosmetic reaction: allergic reaction and irritant. Signs of dermatitis begins with patches of itch, scaly skin, red rashes, swelling or develop into blisters that ooze because of scratching. Common sites on the face that gets affected are the lips, eye, ears and neck, however cosmetic allergies can appear anywhere else on the body. Strong irritants such as perfume could cause the reaction within minutes or hours, however for some products it takes days or weeks to appear like soap. Statistic provided a data that shows 10% of the population have some type of reaction to a cosmetic product over the course of lifetime.
Allergic reaction from using cosmetic products
DR David Bank stated that eye shadow were amongst one of the worst offenders because the skin eye is the most sensitive skin compared to other parts of the body. Majority of women who have allergic reactions are all caused by the strong chemicals
from popular cosmetic products such as eye shadow, kohl pencil, mascara and make-up remover. Even the most unpredictable products, nail polish are suspected to be the main cause of irritants on the eye when women touches their face. DR Donald Grant conducted a study on dermatitis for natural beauty of the brand Skin Shop said, "Unfortunately I do see an awful lot of women who have eczema or inflammation on their eye lid and nowhere else." The tissue around the eyes dries out as you get older. ! Model Dadina Sagger is the living proof of wearing heavy make-up for more than 20 years at work. It was recently notify that 2 years ago this model develop eczema on the eyelid. This was amongst the blame...

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