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A Word Can Change The World

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Words have been the only constant throughout history; the one thing that has tied men and women from different time periods and different cultures. The greatest and most inspiring people have all used words to plant the seeds of something new; on the other hand, it is not a well-kept secret. Dictators and undeserving leaders know the power of words. Markus Zusak tried to share to the world how powerful one word could be. One word could spark friendship while many words could transcend into hatred. While words can impact different messages to different people, each one is inevitably connected to the next. A word that has power receives its power from the influence it collects from the people who choose to listen; the words can either hurt or heal the audience and the outcome is reflected in the influence.
Firstly, power resides within everyone. Markus Zusak formulates power to reside in everyone, but only a few who knew how to axis it. Power of the world resides within words. For instance, one label cost many people their lives. Words like “Communist” or “Jew” in Nazi Germany would not allow you to live a comfortable life. Notably for Liessel, the word “Communist” occupied many significant moments in her life. Prominently, the word was the cause of her father to be absent in her life. One person lashed the word “communist” to be more than a political standing instead as a cause to strike fear in the homes of many. She heard a speech at the book burning event about how the Nazi’s have ridden another enemy, the communists, “Her starving mother, her missing father. Kommunisten. Her dead brother. “And now we say goodbye to this trash, this poison.”” (Zusak 111). One word stole her father and mother from her. One word stole her childhood and one word changed her future. That is the power of words; they can influence another’s actions. Max, a Jew, ended up in the basement of the Hubermann’s house, not because that is where he wanted to be, but because that is where he was forced to be. The one word that dictated his future, Jew, also planted a new word in the world, hope. Max wrote a short story, The Standover Man, where he tells how the power and influence he has felt exerted on him, “Many years later,...

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