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A Working Man's Game. Resevoir Dogs By Quentin Tarantino

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Michael W. JohnsonEnglish 15110/12/95 Stuck in the Middle Joe Egan and Gerry Rafferty were a duo known as Stealers Wheel when they recorded a Dylanesque pop hit, 'Stuck in the Middle With You', in April of 1974. The single reached number five on the charts - little did they know that eighteen years later it would become a cult favorite. In 1992 Quentin Tarantino, a little known writer/director, took the Cannes film festival and the world by surprise with his motion picture Reservoir Dogs. The movie is about the difficulties that occur when five 'master' criminals are hired by a crime king pin named Joe to pull off the biggest diamond heist of the century. Stuck right in the middle of the movie, the Egan/Rafferty hit is played as a introduction to one of the best or worst torture seens ever in the history of movies. It depends on how you look at it.I'll set-up the scene in the movie where it is being played, try and follow me... The five criminals hired go by color-coded names . During the heist the cops show and things got out of control. Two of the robbers were shot and killed after Mr. Blonde, the 'on the edge' gangster started shooting up the place when an employee triggered the alarm. Mr. White and Mr. Orange (an undercover cop) escaped the scene and headed for the hideout where all the men were supposed to meet. On the way to the hideout Mr. Orange was shot, he was bleeding severely but the injury was not life threatening. Shortly after their arrival, Mr. Pink met with them and they all anxiousley waited for Mr. Blonde. Mr. Blonde, acting cool and unaffected by the mornings events, made his entrance. After being questioned by Mr. White about why he went psycho in the store, Mr. Blonde called them out to see a 'surprise' he had in his trunk. Mr. Blonde in an effort to find out how the police heard about the robbery in advance had kidnapped a police officer. They carried the man into the warehouse and after tying him to a chair Mr. White and Mr. Pink commenced beating the hell out of him. They Asked him to tell how the police knew of the heist, he said he knew nothing and after beating on him some more, Nice Guy Eddie came in. He was Joe's son and told Mr. White and Mr. Pink that they would have to come with him to ditch the cars. Mr. Blonde was told to stay and keep an eye on the cop and the injured Mr. Orange.My idea is that the following scene was written by Director Tarantino choreographed to the song by Stealers Wheel. Rather than the norm where a scene is written and the music is picked thereafter. As I describe the scene I will give the lyrics to the song and show how they correspond to the characters actions in the scene. Mr. Blonde starts talking to the cop, who still insists he knows nothing. The lyrics to the song begin; keep in mind that I am suggesting that the words are what the cop is thinking.Well I don't know why I came here tonight.I got the feeling that something ain't right.I'm so...

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