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A World Divided Essay

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Imagine a world divided by those who can afford technology and those who cannot. Those that have access to technology are the richest in the world, and those that do not are stuck in poverty with no way to improve their economic status. It sounds like the starting lines of a Hollywood movie but it is a growing issue in America and abroad. The digital divide is the divide or gap between people who have access to technology and those that do not. The divide is creating problems for schools who require more and more assignments to be done on a computer. Also, having the internet is having the power of information and knowledge that not everyone has the ability to access. Other ...view middle of the document...

The basic computer skills required to get jobs are harder to come by in a town with limited access to a computer. Also, computers are a great way to network with others and find better paying jobs. Technology is a growing force in the workplace, jobs are requiring computers to apply and email as the only form of communication. In a 2010 study by the Department of Commerce found that "4 out of every 10 households with incomes below $25,000 had wired Internet access at home, compared with the vast majority of 93% whose income was greater than $100,000" (Crawford). This shows that people in low income areas are going to have a hard time finding good jobs with such limited access to the internet. Knowledge and the ability to learn new skills is also affected, here and abroad. (Crawford)
The global digital divide is in a much worse state than the digital divide in the United States. Many of the issues and limitations are the same but when the majority of people do not have access to computers are any type of technology, it is a problem. There are entire schools in developing countries that do not have any computers or internet access. Productivity and quality are decreased because the technology advancements other countries enjoy are not available. (Gao)
There are many ways to decrease the digital divide. Companies should create low cost or free computers for those in developing countries. ISPs can put more money into infrastructure to cover a larger geographic region. ISPs can create a low cost internet option for low income...

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