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A World Of Pain Essay

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Quirico MontesMr. JimenezResearch Paper16 February 2004World of HurtFor as long as sports have been around, so have sports injuries. An athlete's worst enemy is an injury. Injuries are prevented whenever possible by the use of protective gear and padding in many contact sports. However, an athlete is never 100% safe from injury. Whenever an athlete gets injured, that athlete must be treated and rehabilitated of his injury in order to be able to return and to compete in that sport. The treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries vary according to location and severity, and also shorten the period of healing for the injury.If not for sports medicine, athletes would not be able to recover from injuries as quickly and effectively as many do. The field of sports medicine is one that provides care for active people and athletes. Its purpose is to treat sports injuries and try to minimize the risk of them occurring. Sports medicine draws the knowledge of physicians, physical educators, physiologists, and athletic trainers to determine the type of training required for athletes to perform at their highest capability without getting injured. Many athletic teams have team doctors who provide examinations and medical attention for members before, and during the season. Doctors and trainers work together to rehabilitate the player and get the athlete able to perform as soon as possible (Sports 804). Thanks to sports medicine doctors can help an athlete, treat and rehabilitate an injury, and reduce the amount of time for recovery.There are five major injuries in sports and they are, fractures, dislocations, sprains, strains, and contusions. There are ten types of fractures, the first being the comminuted fracture that has three or more fragments at the fracture site. A depressed fracture, which can cause a lot of tissue damage, is seen in skull fractures. A greenstick fracture is an incomplete break in the bone, very similar to the bending of a green twig. An impacted fracture is the compression of osseous tissue, tissue inside the bone. Longitudinal fractures occur when the bone splits along its length. An oblique fracture occurs when one end receives twisting and the other end is fixed, causing the bone to be twisted. A serrated fracture is a fracture that occurs as a sharp edge fracture line, this fracture can cut blood vessels. A spiral fracture is an S shaped separation, like the oblique fracture. Transverse fractures are straight lined fractures, and contrecoup fractures happen on the opposite side of where the trauma comes from (Arnheim 172). The treatment for fractures should include x-rays, immobilization or casting if possible, for six to eight weeks and physical therapy (172). Fractures, like many other injuries, take time to heal. However, with the aid of treatment and physical therapy, fractures can heal correctly and more quickly so that the athlete can return to his or her sport.The second most common and major injury resulting from sports...

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