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According to World Health Organization (WHO), teenage pregnancy is a global issue with an average of sixteen million teens, between the ages of fifteen and nineteen, giving birth each year. This is eleven percent of all births around the world. Although teenage pregnancy is a global issue, it is most prominent in countries like Sub- Saharan Africa, India, and Asia. This is due to arranged marriages amongst teen’s age, thirteen through nineteen, which leads to teenage pregnancies. The United States, which has the highest teenage pregnancy rates in a “developed” country, is an exception to the reason of high teen pregnancies rates being due to early marriage. Teenage pregnancies affect mothers’ responsibilities and how they conduct themselves every day after the child is born, as well as their families’ and friends’ lives. Pregnancies occasionally help guide the mother’s life; in turn making her a better person than before the child was born because she is now responsible for another person. Since teenage pregnancies cause low birth weight and premature labor to infants, some children do not survive their deliveries. Because of household changes, health problems and personal effects of high teenage pregnancies rates, teenagers should be required to take sexual education courses, participate in more community and extracurricular activities, and have assured access to effective and affordable contraceptives to reduce high teen pregnancy rates.
Teenagers that are required to take sexual education classes are more informed on the effects of having sex and how they can prevent or reduce the rates of getting pregnant. If teenagers know the effects of childbirth, then they are less likely to experience the problems associated with having a child. Steve Siebold an author and expert in the field of critical thinking states, “Teenagers are bombarded by sex; what they are lacking is sex education”. According to the National Conference of State Legislation (NCSL), as of January 1, 2014 all states partake in sexual education course for public schoolchildren in someway. Of the fifty states involved in teaching sex education only 22 require public schools to teach sex education, also 35 of the states allow parents to opt- out for their children, and 3 of the states require a parent consent form before the child can receive information (“State Policies on Sex in Schools”).
To reduce the number of pregnancies among teens, the School Board of Education should require all students in middle and high school to partake in sexual education courses. This includes private school and home schooled students because although their parents may have chosen the way of private learning to minimize the outside influence on their students, their students will at some point in their teenage years interact with teens on a public level. This will inform students of all the things their parents have been trying to shelter them from, in turn making students more eager to...

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