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A World Where Love Is A Skill

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Love has a diverse definition for each and every one of us which makes us restless in pursuing its true significance. We chase after love and hope to find reciprocation within the relationship. Some find themselves with the right one while others ended up getting hurt. Relationships can be easily acquired but who knows, it is also easy to change through time. Elbi Pie is an imperfect world, but its people who truly love find rest in those they love and they provide a resting place for those who love them.
Life is imperfect. People are imperfect. Situations and circumstance don't always work the way we want it to. Love creates an environment an environment where two imperfects can come together to make things work out well. It provides the perfect tension that binds people and situations. Love has a strength of its own to pull opposing forces together. It is perfect in itself that it can make imperfects a perfect fit.
The world is harsh towards people who are oppressed that cannot keep up with all the uprising problems that the world throws . Some tremble in fear and give up while others continuously strive . In this exhausting journey , they might become restless at a certain point of their lives ; however , one would still see a resting place within this challenging galore in a realm which has love as its foundation . Love directs them to a place where a person can express his feelings freely without being judged . It might not be close to paradise , yet , it is an ecstasy where two hearts perfectly unite as one . The "Elbi Pie" shows different aspects of love wherein various feelings and emotions were freely expressed to prevent the loss of their beloved . From ace of hearts up to four of hearts , the performers seem to be in jeopardy to lose their love. They look like a fool and possessive that does not matter as long as they grab the opportunity to prevent the fading flame of their love . Though each of them differs from...

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