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An Article from the Colorado Daily published By Alex Lubin, (A professor at CU Boulder on February 15th 2001).U.S. guns and helicopters pose a serious threat to Mideast peace Published February 15th 2001 By ALEX LUBIN The recent election of Ariel Sharon as prime minister of Israel represents a serious setback to any attempt at a just peace for Palestinians. Sharon has been lionized in Israel as a military commander. Yet to Palestinians Sharon will always be remembered as the general responsible for the massacre at a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon. Moreover, Sharon has been a staunch opponent to any concessions to Palestinians. Sharon's election only adds weight to the harsh history of Israel's military occupation of the Palestinian homelands. I write this editorial to voice my opposition to the policies of the state of Israel, and to the United States' role in supporting this occupation. I believe that being critical of the policies of the state of Israel and calling for the creation of a bi-national democratic state is in the interest of Jews and Palestinians, and that maintaining the status quo poses a dangerous threat to everyone.But we cannot comprehend a democratic state without first being honest about the history of occupation. I recently taught a class about the history of Anglo colonization of North America in which I told students that the dispossession of the indigenous population in the United States was achieved in part by demonizing the indigenous population as racial "others" and by constructing a new history of the continent in which American Indian presence was erased and Anglo destiny was substituted. I taught my students that Anglo sense of mission, and their confidence in God's purpose for them, led them to justify a form of genocide.This was an ironic teaching experience because as a Jew, I am aware that a more modern and technological form of dispossession is taking place in the Middle East in my name. Like all colonial formations, the dispossession of Palestine rests on a new construction of history that erases historic Palestine, and the construction of a modern racial order that casts Palestinians and all Arab people as demons. The consequence of our colonial understanding of the Middle East is that Israel becomes naturalized as the only legitimate state in the region, and Palestinian opposition is seen as random aggression by a violent-prone and irrational population. American understandings of Palestine and Israel are shaped by a history that erases and forgets important facts, and by a culture that racializes all Arab people. As a Jew -- someone for whom, I am told, Israel must exist -- I write to support the anti-colonial intifada (uprising) in the West Bank and Gaza, and to criticize U.S. backing of Israeli military occupation, the second-longest military occupation of the 20th century.I was raised to believe that Israel was created after the Holocaust as a safe haven for Jews, a place where Jews could always...

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