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What other point in one’s life will you be eighteen and have no responsibilities? The answer is never. There is only one time in your life where one will not have mortgage, spouse, children, homework, or worries. The time is now to experience a gap year and live one’s life to the fullest before dedicating oneself to school. The definition of a gap year is time taken between high school and secondary school that includes traveling, working, studying, volunteering, or researching (Parents). Statistics show that there is a surplus of benefits for students who take a year off for themselves; such as, an improved GPA and reignited passion for learning when they return to school (Parents). Gap years are uncommon in the United States, but have been proven extremely valuable to a young person’s life in years to come in European countries. It is far more beneficial for students who take a gap before attending a university than going straight into college, because one is able to learn about themselves, gain life experiences, and perform better in future endeavors.
To begin with, a gap year is beneficial to teenagers leaving high school, because it gives an opportunity to find oneself. A year away from responsibilities can help one ask themselves the important questions; such as, what is important to me? What are my passions? Where do I want to go in life? (6 Reasons) This year is the most important time to get to know oneself. In addition, taking a gap year helps one to become open-minded and to see the different possibilities in all situations. During gap years, many students travel to different countries, where they free their mind to all different cultures and lifestyles. One leaves their corner of the world, where everything is comfortable, to enter a new world (Riotta). They are allowed to experience people’s lives, and adapt to all the diverse types of mindsets. Furthermore, taking a break allows one to stop thinking about what the college application wants. From the one hundred plus hours of volunteer work, studying to get the 1900 SAT score, and keeping a GPA above a 3.0 can take a significant amount out of a student.
Moreover, taking a gap year helps you develop flexibility, because it will challenge one differently than school ever did. For example, one could come across cultural or language barriers, which creates challenges of not being able to communicate and understand with others. Also, studies show that students who take gap years are more adaptable to transitions, which is highly favored in the workforce (6 Reasons). Furthermore, being flexible during the year also leads to becoming more spontaneous, because nothing is solidified. One article mentions, “We always fear change, but being spontaneous teaches us there is nothing to fear in unexpected situations” (Buschak). In addition, throughout the gap year it becomes a time to recharge ones heart and mind. A majority of students are already burnt out after graduating from high...

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