A Year Of Changes In Europe (1830)

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The French revolution and the Napoleonic Empire were dominant elements in the European history during a long period of time, and the consequences of these processes were lasting and hard to destroy. The political reaction after Napoleon's defeat was to return to the past government. The progressive development of a better understanding of the new ideas and its natural spreading throughout Europe, as a consequence of Napoleonic conquers, produced a social movement strong enough to resist the forces of conservative reaction. The accounts of the outbreak of the 1830 revolution in France and in Belgium are great examples of this.France 1830, the July RevolutionCharles X was a bourbon King and a very conservative one, he grew up convinced of the necessity of a total restoration of the "Ancient Regime" as the only legitimate system of government. According to that system of ideas, the revolutionary theories of a people-based origin of power could not be, but a heresy and a sin against the divine laws. In this sense, we can see the revolution of 1830 as the final battle between the conservative ideas and the new ideas that inspired Robespierre and other revolutionaries. There was a split between the middle class radicals and the businessmen, and the intellectual who still wanted the ancient regime as their government. This ideological confrontation can be the reason that made the king to dictate the ordinances of July 25, strongly repressive against the free thought and the republication of the ideas . The conservatives had learned how dangerous the ideas can be when they are widely spread through public media such as books or newspapers. Leaving the country with many problems, Charles the X abdicates to England. The problem of this was that the dissolved parliament. The government wasn't interested in proclaiming a democratic republic, so they gave the thrown to the king Louis Philippe from the Orleans family.Belgium 1830, an Independence RevolutionThe Congress of Vienna had created artificially several nations as a simple political necessity. One of those countries was the kingdom of Netherlands, and it was formed of two completely different nations, a northern side under control of a Dutch population and a southern side mostly Belgian. The Dutch were mainly protestant and their economic situation was good, the Belgians were mainly Catholic and they were poor.They didn't even use the same language. This two disliked each other and with the influence of the July revolution, the Belgians increased their hopes for liberty. The resentment felt by the southern Netherlands against the domination of the Dutch had grown in strength. The nationalist desire for independence and the want for liberalism in the country grew stronger. The Dutch and the Belgians' cultures were different, the Dutch occupied the best places and had the political power where as the Belgian were the middle and lower classes. This ignited to the desire of freedom for the...

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