A2 Milk Choose An Fmcg Brand, Which You Believe Has A Strong Relationship With Its Consumers – And Which You Think Is Placed At The Top Of The Brand Equity Pyramid.

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A2 MilkIntroA2 Milk is a Fast Moving Consumer Group company that offers Milk products available to Australian and New Zealand nation. The company commenced trading in 2003 and has developed to build a market share of just over 3.5%. The key identifier and point of difference for the brand is its pure dairy milk, completely natural and additive free. A2 Milk™ is rich in A2 beta-casein protein which means it's one of very few brands of milk that is free of the A1 beta casein. Most Australian & New Zealand milk use dominantly A1 producing cows or mix of A1 & A2 cows which linked by some scientific studies to type-1 diabetes, heart disease, schizophrenia and autism, also more seemly a watered down taste due to permeate additive found in most other brands. Consequently consumers have been offered pure 100% A2 produced milk which has no risk of health issues, superior absorbed casein-protein and can assist with digestive wellbeing, while having a noticeable real milk taste.There has been primary and secondary research conducted on this brand, to anaylse the various behavioural dimensions of brand resonance in which measures connection of A2 brand with its consumers.BodyBrand resonance is structured as the final level on the Customer-Based Brand Equity Pyramid. This needs to be defined further into a relationship/association a Brand such as A2 milk has with its customers who use it. This level of Brand Equity can be further characterized in this Brand Resonance by Intensity and Activity which have sub categories that are explained below.A2 Milk has a brand that represents significant Behavioural loyalty with consumers. This form of intensity demonstrates repeat purchases of milk and frequency that consumers stay with this brand. In perspective of John Morgan who is the general manager of A2 milk quotes "Generally most of our customers that go with us stick with us" (Timmo, 2007). This Collectivley would support their performance in market share of just 3.5% (Weekly Times, 2011) as it is a key indicator of consumers be consistent with the brand and keeping devoted with purchases of A2 milk.To comprehend the high level of consumer loyalty with A2 milk, the relationship can be demonstrated on a personal basis with primary source such as comments from social media. Consumers often express their experiences on facebook with A2 milk brand, in particular has posted a comment which exhibits behavioural loyalty. Nicole Fletcher Rothon said that although the milk is expensive she will not put her family back on standard milk again.Secondly in the Resonance Dimensions, attitudinal attachment is the step consumers illustrate also classified as a form of intensity to the A2 milk Brand. Arguably attachment with a brand can be defined a sense of emotion and affiliation which in this sense in best described directly from consumer. Primary sources such as mothers online social forums as kidspot.com.au. It has first hand comments of consumers who...

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