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A2. Search Engine Essay

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SEO (search engine optimization) is the practice of strategic techniques and tactics to boost a websites ranking and placement in the results page of search engines. The use of SEO is important in order to increase the traffic volume to the website. The increased traffic will result in high volumes of visitors. SEO ensures the websites likelihood of being found and accessibly to search engines, such as Bing, Yahoo, Google and others.
Think of SEO as real estate for websites. In real estate, houses are marketed by cleanliness, strategic pictures, keywords in the listing, comparable pricing, etc. Search Engine Optimization is the same concept, but for webpages. SEO’s techniques include, but ...view middle of the document...

Two other important items to remember about the title page is to not replicate title tags and make each one relevant to the content of the webpage.
The meta description tag is also important. This tag is to be used to briefly summarize the page’s content in less than 160 characters. The description is displayed under the title page header in SERP’s. The description should be one or two sentences long to include keywords used within other sections of the webpage. Search engines aren’t consistent in what they display. For example, Google’s algorithm may reject the description if it is inaccurate or badly written. Google will re-write the description content based on information from the page.
Meta keywords are not used by search engines as they were back in the early 90’s. Keywords are a list of 10-15 words that is commonly used through the content of the webpage. The list of words and/or phrases is a comma-delimited list and also part of the HTML source code of the webpage. Keywords can be deemed negative if they are intentionally overused or considered “stuffing” the webpage. This could be a result as to why most search engines, such as Google, no longer use keywords.
The use of meta tags are beneficial to the user searching the web for sites that have more information related to their search criteria. Search engines are used to help find users locate more details about information in which they are seeking knowledge. “Key” words, names, phrases, dates, and many more, are used to help narrow the search engine results for the benefit of the users. While search engines may no longer use “keywords”, key words are still a major factor to help match search engine criteria against other meta tags used by the webpage, such as title and description.
TWRF benefits from this use of meta tags because they help factor into the overall ranking of search engines. The higher the ranking results in the higher listing on the SERPs. TWRF will use the unique combination of the title pages, keywords and description for each webpage to help boost the SEO ranking. The higher ranking increases the potential that users will select the TWRF webpages to learn more information about their mission and value to Tennessee’s heritage, conservation and preservation of land and wildlife.
2. Image Optimization
ALT tags are the use of alternative text, or a description, for images added to a webpage, which is performed through the HTML source code. Since search engines don’t visually see the images, ALT tags are used to provide a description for the search engines to comprehend. The ALT text should be relevant to the image itself as well as the any content from the webpage. While no formal limitations are on the alt text length, the general rule of thumb is to keep the ALT text within 150 characters. It is also recommended to use a null alt text value instead of no alt text at all.
The use of ALT text is beneficial to the visually impaired users. Screen readers decipher the...

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