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Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Essay

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Olatunde Fadahunsi
Psych: Drug Addiction
Thyrum: 1:00 Pm Tues/Thurs
AA Meeting

The meeting I attended was held in Millersville University at Lehr Hall at 9:30 Am. I attended the meeting alone and was initially very hesitant and uncomfortable with the idea. At the beginning not unexpected occurred really happened. It appeared to be a very informal meeting that everyone seemed to already be acquainted. All the members directed each other by name and I was welcomed by, what seemed to be, a regular attendee as well as a new member. I sat down and initiated conversation with the member next to me. She informed me that she goes to multiple meetings and this was her first time at the specific location. She asked me of my major and other information. A member of the group, who seemed to be the “leader”, then initiated the meeting by stating his name and that “I’m an alcoholic.” The meeting was initiated and the first order of business was relevant to greetings. The “leader” appeared, as though he ran the meeting, but I later found out this was not the case. After his introduction he asked if there were any order of businesses related to AA then asked for ones not relevant to AA. People spoke on both topics. They spoke on things that showed the human aspects of AA. It showed that they were not only people seeking a common purpose but they were still people who continued to live life. A member spoke about a dinner and openly invited the members. Another member spoke about his child’s fundraiser. He then asked if there were any new members and asked the “visitors” to refrain from raising their hands. The lady next to me raised her hand and she was the only new member. He then asked if there were any visitors but did not ask us anything beyond our names. We all said our names and the group all in unity said “welcome”. The preamble was then read out loud passed on from member to member. After the reading, the meeting was then opened as a discussion. A member stating that he began to feel “sorry” then controlled the direction of the discussion. He spoke on how his feeling “sorry” would later lead him to drinking or at least having the urge to drink. This put the topic more towards forgiveness rather than anything else. The only topic discussed, as I recall, was forgiveness. Many members gave their accounts of moments in which they felt “sorry” and how they handled the situation. I will refrain from going into further detail about any of the members of the group to keep their anonymity. The meeting concluded with the “serenity prayer.” I was not familiar with this prayer so I just held the hands of those near me and bowed my head out of respect. Specific attendees of the meetings appeared more active and attentive than others. Some of them seemed as though they did not want to be there and looked miserable. About one or two of the members even fell asleep a couple of times. Maybe some members went because they had to or because they just wanted to help tell...

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