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The Coptic Orthodox Church was established by St. Mark the Evangelist in the city of Alexandria in the name of Lord Jesus Christ. It was created around 43 A.D., making it one of the earliest religions. The word “Coptic” comes from the Greek word “Aigyptos” which means Egyptian ( The Coptic Orthodox Church is the main Christian Church in Egypt, where there is between six to eleven million members in the church ( Even though most Copts, as they are sometimes called, live in Egypt, there is about a million members outside of Egypt. The USA is home to over one hundred Coptic churches, and the United Kingdom has a cathedral. The Coptic Church has also been the subject of many prophecies in the Old Testament ( In their religion, they believe that the Holy Trinity: God The Father, God The Son, and God the Holy Spirit, are all equal to each other in one unity. They also believe that Lord Jesus Christ is the only Savior of the world. Fewer changes of rituals and doctrine aspects have taken place in the Coptic Church than in any other church (
The Coptic Orthodox Church was founded by St. Mark the Evangelist in the city of Alexandria, as I said before. St. Mark is one of the four Evangelists, which means he was an author of the canonical Christian Gospels in the New Testament. He was regarded by the Coptic hierarchy as the first of their unbroken 118 patriarchs ( He was also the first of a large group of Egyptian martyrs or the first of a person who suffers persecution and death because of a religious belief. St. Marks was a very broad-minded Apostle, who preached in many different countries and who established the School of Alexandria. The Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church is the leader of the church. The position was recently held by Pope Shenouda III until he died in March of 2012 ( Metropolitan Pachomios then took his spot until the election was held in November of 2012. Theodoros II won that election to become the 118th pope. The Coptic pope formulates the rules and regulations that have to deal with matters of the church’s organization, faith, and order. He is also the leader of the General Congregation Council of the church ( Saint Marks was the very first important leader of the church he was the founder.
The Coptic Orthodox Church has quite a few different rituals. In the Coptic Orthodox Church, they have the ritual of the Veneration of the Cross which is a ceremony when a person gives respect to the cross. All of the Coptic churches also face east. They do this because they always pray facing east, for they believe that it is a symbol for them and has a special place in God’s thoughts ( In their churches, they also have a sanctuary and altars for sacrifice. They often use incense, during worship, to display the history that incense had in the past and now has in the present ( Light and candles are used for a wide variety of...

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