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Aba Intervention Essay

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Despite the abundance of evidence demonstrating the advantages of ABA for individuals with ASD, some criticism still exists in regards to its methods. Due to some ethically-questionable punishment techniques utilized during Lovaas’s initial trials and ABA’s rigid application in animal training, some question if ABA should be used for human treatment (Brams, 2008). However, ABA has positively developed since its discovery and the use of ethically-sound procedures has become of utmost importance. To ensure that ethical standards are abided by, several preventative safety procedures are utilized. Observable data-collection and carefully-crafted program development are major components of ABA ...view middle of the document...

The limited attention span, inability to detect social cues, and difficulty comprehending advanced language are all setbacks that become less troublesome when the straight-forward, consistent instruction of DTT is utilized (T. Smith, 2001). To ensure that this unnaturalness of therapy is minimal, DTT should be utilized in more than one setting in combination with other methods of ABA. If only one setting exists for therapy, stimulus oversensitivity can occur; this leads an individual to be conditioned to only respond to the given stimulus within that particular setting. With the conjunction of methods and an array of therapy settings, ABA is less robotic and can be very beneficial for the acquisition of many different skills (Brams, 2008, p. 2).
Unfortunately, the availability, education, and funding for ABA services in certain regions is limited. According to Van Meter et al. (as cited in Schwartz & Sandall, 2010, p. 106) areas with higher levels of parental education have been correlated with higher levels of ASD diagnoses. This is believed to be due to increased ASD awareness leading to a more keen recognition of the disability. Conversely, those who are less educated may not be giving their children the services they need due to this lack of knowledge. In addition, these same, lower-income regions may not have the resources to provide the necessary services. This is because the programs are publicly-funded, and if the need appears to be minimal in the region, a nearby treatment facility may be difficult to encounter. When the services are available, it is sometimes difficult to receive the recommended hours of therapy (15 to 25 hours per week) due to funding and availability of therapists (Schwartz & Sandall, 2010, p. 107). However, with the recent increase in ASD awareness, ASD prevalence, and ABA research, it seems promising that access to these services will increase in the near future as well.
Although research has sky-rocketed within the past decade, the continuous increase in ASD prevalence makes the completion of additional research more crucial than ever. An outstanding amount of...

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