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IntroductionWhile this author does not know the whole story, Carl Robins exhibited poor planning, execution and follow through of his duties, which would appear he is either not qualified or trained to do his, job effectively. This situation may have been alleviated by instituting a thorough supervision and mentoring program by ABC, Inc. to coach and counsel their employees.BackgroundCarl Robins, a new recruiter for ABC, Inc. with only six months experience, successfully hired 15 new employees. Carl scheduled a new hire orientation to take place June 15 with the intent of having all the new hires working by July. On May 15, Monica Carrolls, the Operation Supervisor, contacted Carl about coordinating new hire issues such as manuals, drug tests, and policy booklets. Carl found while reviewing the new trainee files that several problems are present. Some of the applications were incomplete, drug screening was not complete, and orientation manuals were incomplete or missing pages. Furthermore, a reservation by technology services for the training room is present throughout the month of June. (University of Phoenix, 2006)Key ProblemsThree problems are readily apparent; employee applications are incomplete or missing data, three training manuals are currently on hand with 15 needed and the training room is reserved for the month of June. Without further investigation, root-cause analysis is mere speculation. Based on the facts presented in the case study, this author has determined several root-cause factors, which may have contributed to this calamity. These root causes stem from two sources, Carl Robins and ABC, Inc.Carl could have overstated his qualifications prior to hiring upon which a hiring decision was rendered or does he have poor work ethics and incompetent. Further, based on the timeline presented, it appears that Carl is disorganized, found wanting in attention to detail and lacking in time management skills. Carl’s last deficiency stems from ABC, Inc. Was Carl properly trained in his job duties? Does ABC have a mentoring program or some standard operation procedure/policy that requires him to execute during each hiring event? What is the corporate culture, did it contribute to Carl’s failure and where was his supervision? Further, at least one department is failing in their duties. As such, the problems associated with this case study cannot be presumed to be Carl’s fault alone by may be indicative of the corporate leadership vacuum. These questions are only answerable through direct examination of both Carl and ABC, Inc.AlternativesNumerous solutions exist to correct these challenges in the time available. First, the case study states the Carl is “hoping to have all new hires working by Julyâ€, the key word here is “hopingâ€. Carl must contact Monica Carrols, the operations supervisor to get a solid deadline for the new...

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ABC Inc Case Study

1028 words - 4 pages June. Without further investigation, root-cause analysis is mere speculation. Based on the facts presented in the case study, this author has determined several root-cause factors, which may have contributed to this calamity. These root causes stem from two sources, Carl Robins and ABC, Inc.Carl could have overstated his qualifications prior to hiring upon which a hiring decision was rendered or does he have poor work ethics and incompetent

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