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ABC Company, a Study of Current Leadership
Dana M. Stephens
Western Governor’s University
ABC Company, a Study of Current Leadership
In this paper we’ll look at local traffic control company and its leadership style. More specifically that of the president, a SWOT analysis and complete a recommendation on changes for improvement.
Company Review and Leadership Style
“ABC” is a construction traffic safety company that provides traffic control for roads, highways and railroads. Local traffic control for constructions zones on highways or local roads is ABC’s main source of income. City, state and federal bidding processes are an important part of their day to day operations. The second part of ABC is made of traffic control for railroad crossing repair or construction as contracted out by railroad’s. While high paying, these contracts are difficult to obtain and are largely based on relationships. ABC also provides sales and rentals of the material used in traffic control and can be contracted out for smaller jobs as needed.
They strive to be not only a top state performer, but top local choice as well. ABC participates at every opportunity in local charity events, their goal is to be very involved in their community. To be known as one of the tope employer’s of the area.
ABC’s top level managers are the President, a Senior VP and a VP of Railroad Operations. Oddly enough, they’ve separated the supervisory tasks almost these three instead of delegating and use gender as their secondary lines of segregation. As the president is female – she supervises the all-female clerical and administrative staff, regardless of whether their position actually reports to one of the male VPs. In this paper, I will focus on her leadership style and its effect on the business as a whole.
Current Style
The president has a very old school way of supervision. Always having hard tabs on her employees, they are allowed very little autonomy in their day to day jobs. This business very much has an “us” and “them” atmosphere. Not all employees have access to all information needed and many times must go to the top level management to get what should be easily accessed routine data.
All items of correspondence, including routine billing, must be reviewed by the president before being mailed or faxed. Tasks are completed in the same fashion today as they were the day the doors opened for the first time. Belittlement, superiority complex and anger are often used to resolve issues. This causes the highest performing administrative employees to look elsewhere for employment – generally between the 2nd and 4th year of their employment with ABC. These styles are mostly defined as coercive and dictatorial on the Leadership Grid. (Amin, Tatiah, & Khan, 2013)
Leadership Practices.
As we look a little in depth at the leadership practices of the President we see that she consistently hovers. A...

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