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Abdominal Pain Essay

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Abdominal pains may be caused by a number of serious underlying illnesses that can be diagnosed and treated. The occurrence of abdominal pains may also be caused by common illnesses such as indigestion, food allergies or even appendicitis (Golan & Tashjian, 2012) .
Test done for the 13 year old female patient may be expected to reflect suspected illness. It would be important to first test for presence of any infectious agents that may have caused the abdominal pains. The infectious agents may be the rotavirus which is a common virus that affects children to cause symptoms that include abdominal pains (Golan & Tashjian, 2012). Therefore, it would be important not to overlook the ...view middle of the document...

Use of antidepressants is also important as the also act as pain relievers in the abdominal area.
Another cause of the abdominal pain may be occurrence of dysmenorrhea. This should not be ruled out since the female patient has is old enough to experience menses. Dysmenorrhea is simply painful menstruation (Buttarp, Trybulski, Polgar, Sandberg-cook, 2013). Dysmenorrhea may caused by production of too much prostaglandins that may cause contraction of the myometrium which in turn may result in pain (Golan & Tashjian, 2012). The most likely type of dysmenorrhea expected would be primary dysmenorrhea. The management of this condition would involve use of non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs. The drugs include Ibuprofen, Meclofenamate or Naproxen.
Another cause of the abdominal pain may be occurrence of recurrent abdominal pain which mostly occurs during childhood (Buttarp, Trybulski, Polgar, Sandberg-cook, 2013) . This may be caused by psychological distress. This can be managed by cognitive behavioral therapy. Recurrent abdominal pain may also be caused by an infection due to presence Helicobacter pylori...

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