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Abdullah Essay

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Part A Q#2
Explain Miller’s analogy with getting up early to go fishing. What is this supposed to show?
The dialogue on god, evil and the existence of god was between Gretchen Weirob, Sam Miller and Gretchen Weinrob. At the beginning, Weirob was sick and miller came to visit and ask Weirob to pray with him so god would cure her, but Weirob was a none believer and she refused to do so. Miller tried to convince Weirob that god exists and she should pray. Weirob tried to convince Miller that god did not exist by asking him if god exists and he is all knowing and all powerful, why did he let her get sick from the beginning? and why did he not let the illness that she suffers from go away. On the other hand, Miller gave her an example about a fisherman who gets up early in a cool day and goes fishing. After that, he catches some fishes and goes back home to enjoy the sweet fish that he caught. The purpose of telling her that example is to tell her that if there are no hardships and barriers, there would be a difference in life. For example, the fisherman had to get up early and wait for long hours to catch the fishes, but it was a good time for him and he had to enjoy the taste of the good fish that he had caught. If he did not get up early and catch the fresh fishes, he would not have a wonderful busy day and instead it would be like every simple day in every person's life. Also, if everything was in a person's life, the person would not enjoy the thing when he gets it as if he gets it by himself and hard work. For example, rich kids would not enjoy a new expensive toy that their parents get them as the same as poor kids who would be happy if they just have been given a simple cheap toys that they did not have.
Part B Q#3
Reconstruct and evaluate Aquinas’s argument that if everything could fail to exist, then there would have been a time at which nothing existed.
Thomas Aquinas is an ancient philosopher who tried to prove that god exists and tried to convince others by giving example to support his proof. Finally, Thomas Aquinas reached five Arguments to proof the exists of god. The five arguments are that god is the first mover of everything, that he is the first cause of everything, that he is the necessary being, that he is the greatest being and no one is better than him and finally that he is the most intelligent. In the third argument which is god is the necessary being and everything else is contingent. As Aquinas says in this argument there are two kinds of objects the necessary object and the contingent object. The necessary object is the one which cannot be left out and the contingent is the thing...

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