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Abigail Williams was a single teenage girl who was accused first of witchcraft.
She is an orphan child due to the murder of her parents according to the book as she quotes
“I saw Indians smash my dear parents’ heads on a pillow next to mine.” She use to live in the Proctor house working as a maid. That was until Elizabeth kicked her out because of an affair that happened between Abigail and John Proctor. In the beginning of the story line she was accused of witchcraft in the forest with her cousin, friends and Tituba. That is where the whole story started. Abigail has this huge never ending infatuation with John Proctor and she wants his wife out of the picture so she can take his side as she dreams. But the only way she thought of was to make Tituba give her chicken blood so a charm would kill Elizabeth Proctor. In Abigail eyes Elizabeth is evil and she disserves to die off and never be thought of again. Everyone else in the book doesn’t really matter to her they aren’t that important as John and Elizabeth Proctor.
But there is only one problem, John Proctor wants nothing to do with her as he states in the book to her “I will cut off my hand before I’ll ever reach to you again Abigail”. Upon hearing this Abigail still won’t give up on her one and only love interest. So she continues to talk John Proctor into being one with her once and for all not giving in to the rejection one bit.
Everyone in the village begins to see her as a problem come at the end of the act 1 because of what happened to Betty and the whole witchcraft situation. Now not only does the town begin to think of her as a witch and a major problem but her love interest John Proctor shows no love to her and thinks of her as basically a tramp and later on in the story he gives up and spills the secret to the town to reveal her true colors.
In which Abigail has to go to court almost every day do to the towns belief in her witchcraft...

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